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Welcome to the new SupportHoseStore.com, your one-stop shop for your quality medical compression socks and hosiery needs. Support Hose Store started in the Lancour Family kitchen in Amarillo, TX in 2001 and we have grown into one of the largest ecommerce compression providers in the USA! The family values still remain the focus of our Customer Service where we believe that going above and beyond for our customers should be the norm, not the exception!

As our business has evolved, so too has our commitment to quality products. Over the years we have worked with many manufacturers to bring a range of garments that fit in almost all quality and price categories. Our experience has led us to believe it is more important to make sure your garments provide the best possible results and value for the money you spend. Going forward, you will see us focus on quality and value so that the products you purchase from us provide the compression and the medicine you need. With the launch of our new website, we are better equipped to introduce more quality manufacturer brands and choices as well as bringing you innovations to enhance your shopping experience to be the best that you can have on the web!

Our Certified Fitters have a combined over 50 years of experience assisting and providing the best possible solutions for the leg health issues our customers have experienced and discussed. Ongoing training and new education programs keep each of us at the top of our ability to deliver the best to our customers.

We use the highest available encryption to maintain a safe and secure website and shopping cart experience for each of our customers. We maintain a consistent excellent rating with Google Trusted Stores where we consistently receive positive reviews from our customers. Accepting every major credit card, we are PCI Compliant, and PayPal Compliant. We have an “A” rating from Doctors Trusted Stores for our website and its medical content. Our 2015 same day shipping results have exceeded 97% and we offer multiple customer shipping solutions to meet everyone’s costs and delivery needs. We are constantly trying to improve on our customer satisfaction and invite any and all suggestions from our customers.

If you need more information, please call us toll-free at 1-800-515-4271 to speak to one of our Certified Fitters. You may email your questions and comments to us at: customerservice@supporthosestore.com

Call our toll-free number 1-800-515-4271 today!

You can email your inquiries to us at customerservice@supporthosestore.com

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