Support hose have certainly come a long way!  In the past several years, support stockings have improved dramatically!  Whether you call them hose, stockings, or socks, all terms apply.  Because now we have the ability to choose between so many different types, that you do not have to sacrifice your fashion for your comfort, or your comfort for your fashion, no matter what type of shoe you wear every day, and no matter what type of activity you are performing. null carries the four major manufacturers of support hose just so you will have a choice.

Sigvaris Athletic Performance Sock

Did you know that there are compression stockings available for every facet of your life?  There is stylish leg therapy and comfortable leg therapy; they are now one in the same! There is a stocking to go with every pair of shoes you own.  There is a stocking to match almost every outfit you have in your closet.  There are athletic socks available for different athletic activities, also some for daily wear, some for performance with extra padding over the Achilles tendon and some for wearing post-exercise for lactic acid reduction (recovery).

Jobst Patterned UltraSheer Thigh High StockingThere are knee high, knee high with silicone band at the top to help to keep it in place, thigh high, thigh high with patterns,  waist high, chap-style, men’s leotards, control top, non-control top, stockings with silver fibers interwoven for antibacterial/antimicrobial use, dress socks, athletic socks, sheer stockings which are more durable and patterned. This list goes on and on with lots of different shades of beige, suntan, mocha, black, off-black, sand, white, off-white, navy, gray, brown, and khaki.

    For Women: 
  • Sheer (Panty Hose,Thigh Highs, Knee Highs)
  • Trouser Socks and Patterned Trouser Socks
  • Patterned for Special Occasions
  • Athletic Socks (durable and woven with dri-release yarns)
  • Athletic Performance and Athletic Recovery Socks
  • Opaque (soft and durable) Knee High, Thigh High, Waist High)
  • Stockings and Socks Woven with Silver for Antimicrobial / Antibacterial Use
  • Maternity
  • Chap-Style

    For Men : Medi For Men
  • Dress Socks Knee and Thigh High (Ribbed, Smooth, Ample in Heel and Toe, Designed Specifically for Men). Some are Anatomically Designed with a Labeled Left and Right Sock
  • Casual Socks Some with a Touch of Wool
  • Athletic Socks (Durable and Woven with Dri-release Yarns)
  • Athletic Performance and Athletic Recovery Socks
  • Men’s Leotards
  • Chap-Style
  • Stockings and Socks with Silver for Antimicrobial / Antibacterial Use

Compression stockings should not only do their job, but they should look great, be relevant, and look appropriate, too.The Certified Fitters at Support Hose Store will be glad to assist you and your friends in the ins and outs of compression stockings. As you know, null carries all the major brands of support hose, so regardless of the size or height of the person we will be able to fit them in the correct stockings.

Most people own at least several different styles for different daily activities.

For instance, you wear a higher compression pantyhose for daily wear at the office, but you would love to have a pair of patterned trouser socks for periodic use, or use with your new fashion boots, or you need a pair for that special weekend coming up or the wedding you are attending. You can certainly wear a lighter compression for a few hours for something special. This is much better than going without compression – you’ll feel better physically and feel better knowing you have some compression. Say, someone typically wears a 20-30 mmHg waist high pantyhose for every day wear. Most of the time, underneath pants, someone may wear a more durable opaque hose. You will also need to own at least one sheer pair for special occasions, and, of course, knee high socks, the athletic type, for wear with tennis shoes or boots. The athletic type knee high has a great release sewn into the top so they do not cut off circulation around the knee bend. There are several compressions available in the athletic sock. You may also want a pair of thigh highs for warmer days when you need more air circulation.

The combination of garments to meet your needs is endless. The bottom line is, there are more colors and fabrics available now than ever before in compression stockings. Support Hose Store wants you to know that we are here to help you meet all of your compression garment needs.

New Products:
Jobst Diamond Patterned Thigh High Stockings – Just in time for the holidays!
Sigvaris Jewel – Beautiful Diamond Patterned Knee High Stocking in 15-20 mmHg
Sigvaris Athletic Performance Sock
Stimulates and stabilizes compression of active muscles – for faster regeneration, less aching and cramping to optimize performance potential
Sigvaris Athletic Recovery Sock – Relieves delayed onset muscle soreness
Don’t forget your support hose are made to last 4 to 6 months. If they have become easier to put on, it may be time to replace them.