All of us at Support Hose Store want to send a great big Thank You to all of you, our wonderful and loyal customers. On September 1st we celebrated our 9th year of being in the business of supplying all of your compression socks and stocking needs.

The Past

Nine years ago my parents started this company selling Jobst compression stockings in their home with the plans of staying a home based business. Within three years the company had out grown the abilities of keeping the business in their home. They found a small building where they would have the ability to expand. And expand they did: In 2006 they doubled the size of the store to 4000 sq ft. and added Mediven compression hose to their line. Six months later they decided that they could no longer handle the company by themselves, so they brought me, their son on board. For the next two years we reorganized our shipping department, brought in 8 new product lines, including Sigvaris, Juzo, Solaris, Alex Orthopedics, Mountain Properties canes, Harvy Canes, and doubled our staff.

The Lancours from

The Present

2010 came with very exciting news. It was time to expand again! We added on another 3500 sq ft. This enabled us to create a larger even more efficient shipping department and to double our inventory with a little extra space to expand. In August my brother, Aaron, and his family moved back to Amarillo and has now started with the company also. The whole family is now here running the business. Oh wait, where did Mom and Dad go? Are they on another vacation? Well good for them. That is the true reason my brother and I came to work at Support Hose Store. To enable my parents to spend a little less time here and to truly relax and enjoy life! We all know they will never actually retire.

The Future

Now for the very exciting news! The Support Hose Store website will be getting redesigned. My Mom, Vanda, has done a great job over the past 9 years with designing it and keeping our more than 10,000 items up to date. But, it is time for us to “liven things up a bit”. We have hired a graphic artist to redesign We are procuring new software that will better enable you to shop our site including a customer sign in, so that, you will be able to see your history, see what’s on sale, and to track your orders. With this new software, our warehouse will constantly update and order inventory so that we will be able to fulfill your orders quicker. Also in the upcoming year, you will see at least two new websites with some fantastic new products that I look forward to sharing with all of you. Keep a close eye on our website for updates and new product availability.

Brent Lancour alias “Chef Brent”