November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. In the United States there are over 20 million people with diagnosed diabetes and another 86 million have pre-diabetes (a condition where glucose levels are higher than normal but are not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes). Diabetes is not necessarily a disease of the elderly. It can strike young and elderly alike. Health care professionals are encouraging people to eat healthier and to become more active.

Support Hose Store Juzo xStatic Fabric with Silver

Silver interwoven with the yarn of the garment to create the xStatic Fabric with Silver

Diabetics have many underlying problems such as leg and foot pain, infection, swelling of the lower extremities, skin irritations and ulcers. When the skin of a diabetic breaks down, it is slow to heal and can lead to infections and /or cellulitis (a skin infection involving the dermis and subcutaneous fat). Compression socks and stockings increase circulation and tissue oxygenation. If you add silver to the compression garments, swelling and skin irritations are controlled and the silver can help eliminate infections and/or cellulitis.

Juzo Silver socks offer both the therapeutic benefits of compression plus pure elemental silver. Silver, a safe and natural antibiotic, is used to eliminate harmful bacteria. The fiber used in Juzo Silver products is called X-Static® and is permanently bonded to the textile fiber. Tests show that Juzo Silver compression stockings maintain high efficacy even after 100 washings. The efficacy of silver occurs when silver ions are released at a rate of at least 1 PPM (part per million). A study of anti-microbial activity by North American Science Associates shows Juzo silver compression eliminates over 99% of harmful Staphylococcus Aureus in less than 4 hours. Juzo Silver is highly effective in eliminating Methicillian-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

In view of the fact that silver has antimicrobial properties, Juzo Silver also helps control foot odor which is caused by bacteria. Silver is also one of the most heat conductive elements. Heat between the skin and garment is dissipated via the silver fibers. This gives you a more pleasant wearing experience (and also for those around you!).

X-Static® silver fibers are used in a wide range of products including wound care dressing, sports apparel, military and combat uniforms, and foot wear. Juzo has several socks and stockings which contain silver to meet the needs of many of our clients.
Juzo® Silver Soft
· High elasticity and softness to give easy and comfortable wear
· 20-30 and 30-40 mmHg
· Knee-high, Thigh-high, and Pantyhose


Juzo® Silver Sole

· Designed for those with sensitive feet
· Mild compression
· Mid-foot compression to prevent bunching of the sock
· Channeled toe seam to reduce irritation
· Silver Knitted Sole for odor reduction and antibacterial protection
· Pillowed sole adds cushion to reduce blistering and callous buildup
· Low-cut, Crew length and knee-high

Noncompliance is a problem with some of our customers who wear higher compression stockings and socks such as the 20-30 and 30-40mmHg compression. They feel they are hard to don (put on) and become hot and uncomfortable during use. The Juzo® Silver Soft overcomes these protests with the high elasticity and softness of the garment as well as the movement of heat away from the body by the silver fibers.

Our diabetic customers as well as many of our non-diabetic customers who are not having any problem with leg and foot pain, infection, significant swelling of the lower extremities, skin irritations or ulcers have found the Juzo Silver Sole to be one of their very favorites. It is an excellent sock for the diabetic and for those who just want a comfortable sock.

Here’s to Healthy Feet and Legs,