The New Year has come and it is a great opportunity for us to make a fresh start with New Year’s Resolutions. It seems to me one of the best ways to be successful in keeping New Year’s Resolutions is to keep the resolutions to a minimum. A list of resolutions as long as your arm will not allow you to be focused. Make the goals realistic and attainable. If you have a goal to run a marathon, start by going for a jog two or three times a week. In order for your body to reach that goal, you will need to eat healthier. Start by substituting junk food with healthier snacks. Small steps enable you to reach a higher goal.

If you have tried to reach your goal previously and have not been  successful, stop and think what were your stumbling blocks and why were you not successful. See if you can figure out a way around these stumbling blocks so you can reach your goal.

Let Us Help You To Don Your Stockings

Let Us Help You To Don Your Stockings

For many of our clients, their goal is to be more compliant in wearing their support socks and stockings, sometimes the frustration of putting the stockings on is more than they can handle; they would just as soon stay home with their stockings in their bureau drawer. First one of the best things a first time wearer can do is watch our video “How To Put On Compression Stockings”  They make it look soooo easy. Well, it may not be quite that easy, but with practice you can master the techniques. Be sure to watch the video completely through. We have many ways to get the stockings on. First check out basic donning instruction on  “Wear and Care” Many of our customers receive free garment care kits with their orders. Use those gloves!! They give you the ability to grasp those stockings and pull them on.  If you don’t already have them you can order Sigvaris Donning Gloves. I call them my magic gloves, because I cannot get my stockings on without them!

Still can’t get them on? We have the metal stocking donners as demonstrated in the previously mentioned video.  If you feel you don’t have enough strength in your hands to put the stocking on the donner, use your donning gloves. They do work magic!

Another method to getting those pesky, difficult stockings on is the Slippie Gator Set. They also work great! You can see how the Slippie Gator Set works by going to our blog entry Slippie Gator Instructions.

Above all, if after reviewing all our above information, you are not able to use our donning aids to put your stockings on, call us!  Perhaps we can walk you through some steps you may be missing to be successful in keeping your New Year’s Resolution of being more compliant in wearing your support stockings and support socks. The effort is well worth the trouble when you find how much better your legs feel and how the compression stockings and socks can improve your quality of life! GOAL REACHED!


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