Do you ever have a problem finding a gift for that special someone? It could be your son or your daughter or even one of your grandchildren. If they take part in athletic activities, may I suggest our CEP socks and sleeves? There are probably many athletic events they take part in and it is very important to manage their body as well as their legs correctly during their activity (performance) as well as post activity (recovery).

Compression has been scientifically proven to enhance recovery of athletes by removing the lactic acid in the muscle faster. Less lactic acid in the muscle means muscles that are less sore and the quicker they can return to their activity.

As you know the compression most of us wear aids in the return of venous flow to the heart, but while running CEP socks can get 40% more arterial flow in the calf. More arterial flow yields more oxygen to the muscles and greater performance.
CEP Socks

CEP doesn’t just help the blood return to the heart; it also increases arterial blood flow by 30-40%! Arteries have an outer wall and an inner wall. The inner wall contracts and dilates when it senses external pressure. The compression exerted by CEP compression has a constant compression on the calf muscle which opens the inner arterial wall and increases the blood flow. In documented studies athletes wearing CEP have an overall 5% increase in performance while using 6% less energy!
Some athletes do not choose to wear CEP for performance, but rather choose to wear the CEP for recovery. Lactic acid is produced in the muscles when the body breaks down carbohydrates during intense exercise. It is the lactic acid that makes the muscles sore. Compression penetrates the deep veins and helps flush the lactic acid out.

About 85% of air travel thrombosis (blood clot) victims are athletic, usually endurance type athletes like marathon runners. People with slower resting blood flow are at greater risk of stagnant blood flow and clotting. CEP can help by returning the blood to the heart and deter blood clots.

CEP Socks are designed for men and for women so a better fit is achieved. We have many socks and sleeves to choose from in a great range of colors:

CEP Socks are designed for men and for women so a better fit is achieved. We have many socks and sleeves to choose from in a great range of colors:

CEP Progressive+Progressive+ These products provide gradient compression from ankle to cuff and have consistent compression over the major muscles of the lower leg. While many people wear the Calf Sleeve successfully, if the wearer has a tendency to swell, the Calf Sleeves might push the swelling to the foot. I would recommend wearing a pair of the Dynamic+ Ankle Socks with the Calf Sleeves.
This groups includes:

  • Cycle Socks
  • Golf Socks
  • Outdoor Socks
  • Race Ski Socks
  • Riding Socks
  • Ski Socks
  • Run and Recovery Combo
  • Calf Sleeves

CEP Recovery+ Socks

 Recovery+ These products provide graduated 25-30 mmHg compression over the ankle to get the lactic acid out of the muscle. These are available in closed toe and open toe.

Dynamic+ These products help stabilize muscle, decrease soreness, and reduce superficial swelling in targeted areas. This group includes the Athletic Quad Sleeves and Athletic Ankle Socks.

CEP Everyday+

Everyday+ These products are stylish and comfortable to wear all day. They use a lower level of compression to support venous return.


Active+ CEP Arm coolers protect the athlete from the harmful effects of the sun during endurance training and racing. This is the only CED product not based on compression.

CEP RxOrtho

RxOrtho+ These products provide relief, comfort and range of motion for common injuries.

They include:

  • Achilles Brace
  • Ankle Brace
  • Ankle Support
  • Knee Brace
  • Knee Support

There are so many wonderful gifts to choose from or perhaps, if you are athletic, one of these would make a wonderful gift for you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,