Using Stocking Donners

Which Donner is Right for You?

We currently carry 3 metal donners. The first is our tried and true Jobst Donner. This is a donner who can be used by those whose calf circumference is 16 inches or less. Jobst Metal Donner

Next we have the Mediven Extendable Handle Donner. This donner will fit only those whose calf circumference is 18 inches or less. The handle on this donner can be adjusted with locking nuts up to approximately 19 inches. Mediven Extendable Handle Donner

The third metal donner we offer is the Mediven Large Calf Donner. It will fit those with a calf circumference from 18 inches up to about 24 inches. The handles are about 18 inches long. Mediven Large Calf Donner

More Donning Aids

For those customers who wear open-toe stockings, we have the Easy Slide. This is made out of parachute material and enables the stocking to slide on easily and then the Easy Slide can be removed by pulling through the open-toe. Easy Slide While you are on this page be sure to click on the inset picture to see how the Easy slide works.

Another product which we carry is Alps Fitting Lotion. This is amazingly like putting ball bearings on your heels. To use Alps you first put on a pair of examination gloves (if you put it on your hands your hands will become very slippery and you will not be able to pull your socks on). A pea size amount of Alps is applied to your heel only using examination gloves. Remove the gloves before donning stockings. Follow the instructions we send with your stockings for donning. ALPS is 100% Silicone Fitting Lotion/Skin Conditioner for Sensitive Skin that imparts a smooth, silky feel to sensitive skin that is chapped and dry and makes the stocking slip over the heal. Alps Donning Lotion

How to Take Your Stockings Off

Now that we have got your stockings on, we need to discuss how to remove them without cutting them off. If you have no issues with range of motion, just start at the top of the stocking and peel it down like you peel a banana. The stocking will slip on itself. When you have removed the stocking, it will be wrong side out.

Patients whose mobility is impaired can make use of simple aids. A rubber mat is recommended, (back of a bath mat or the Juzo mat soon to be seen in our donning aids). In the seated position, you pull the stocking down as far as you can by hand. Then you put your foot on the mat, use the other foot to stabilize the mat and pull your heel across the mat from front to back. This gradually pulls the stocking downward and off the foot.

For those of our customers who do have problems with range of motion, our friends at Mediven have come up with a very neat apparatus called a Butler Off or Doffer. It is like a shoe spoon with a long “T-handle” with a hook on it for removal of socks. In fact when used properly, you can even pick the sock up without bending to retrieve it. While there be sure to click on “How to use the Medi Butler to remove stockings” to view how great this product works! Mediven Butler Off