SupportHoseStore™ is very excited to have products from CEP on our website. Medi has long been a leader in graduated medical compression and now they have brought that expertise to athletic compression in their CEP products. CEP uses this science to help athletes maximize performance and recovery! The CEP socks, which are featured in my newsletter, are for the week-end warrior as well as the professional athlete.CEP Veins and Arteries 

For the athlete to achieve peak performance, improving the arterial blood flow is the key. CEP compression socks apply consistent compression to the calf, allowing the arterial walls to relax and the flow of oxygen-rich blood to increase by up to 40%. More oxygen means more power during performance and a faster recovery.

Graduated medical grade compression that is tighter at the ankle improves vein health by reducing the veins’ diameter and pushing de-oxygenated blood back to the heart.


Benefits of CEP

  • Studies show athletes wearing CEP Compression socks improve their running time by 5%… in a 4 hour marathon that can mean 12 minutes
  • Athletes reduce muscle strain and decrease exertion by approximately 6%
  • Even at rest, CEP compression socks increase blood circulation by 30% – shortening recovery time
  • CEP transports moisture away from the skin to the outside of the garment for evaporation and reduces the skin temperature as much as 7 degrees F


CEP Proven to Reduce Injury

  • Reduces vibration, increase oxygen and promotes healing of shin splints
  • Increases oxygen to muscles and helps remove lactic acid faster to avoid leg cramps
  • Increases oxygen and padding helps prevent damage to Achilles Tendon
  • Increases blood flow to increase warmth and avoid pulled muscles
  • Graduate compression prevents venous reflux and pooling which cause travel issues


Support Hose Store has always been proud to offer you superior products at the lowest price possible. We are very proud to offer you Jobst, Medi, Sigvaris, Juzo, Activa, Truform, and now CEP. We look forward in the future to offer other superior products for daily living and leg health.

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