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40-50 mmHg
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Compression Stockings & Hose - Compression - 40-50 mmHg

Support Hose Store™ proudly offers the products shown below to meet your compression garments for the leg needs.

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Compression Garments For The Leg For Women And Men

Available at Support Hose Store™ with products with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) from $94.95 to $200.99 and our low prices from $75.96 to $160.79 with our low price guarantee.

Product used for the prevention or treatment of the following conditions: active ulcer management (recurrent, grade III), chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), post-phlebitic syndrome, post-thrombotic syndrome, primary and reversible lymphedema, severe edema, severe lymphatic edema, severe orthostatic hypotension, severe post-traumatic or post-fracture edema, severe varicose veins.

Available Compressions: 40-50 mmHg.

Available Styles: thigh high closed toe, thigh high closed toe short, thigh high open toe, thigh high open toe petite, thigh high open toe short, thigh high with waist attachment left leg open toe, thigh high with waist attachment left leg open toe petite, thigh high with waist attachment right leg open toe, thigh high with waist attachment right leg open toe petite, waist high closed toe, waist high open toe, waist high open toe petite.

Available Lengths: chaps, thigh high, waist high stockings, hose for women and men for left leg, right leg with closed toe, open toe, thigh high with waist attachment in petite, short size scale.

Available Band Options: with silicone band, with silicone beaded band, without silicone band.

Available Sizes: Size I, Size II, Size III, Size IV, Size L1, Size L2, Size L3, Size L4, Size M1, Size M2, Size M3, Size M4, Size S1, Size S2, Size S3, Size S4, Size V, Size VI, Size VII.

Available Colors: beige, black, chestnut.

Please note not all compressions, options, sizes, or colors are available in all styles.


Manufacturers' product numbers: 3513AGFF I, 3513AGFF10 I, 3513AGFF23 I, 3513AGFF II, 3513AGFF10 II, 3513AGFF23 II, 3513AGFF III, 3513AGFF10 III, 3513AGFF23 III, 3513AGFF IV, 3513AGFF10 IV, 3513AGFF23 IV, 3513AGFF V, 3513AGFF10 V, 3513AGFF23 V, 3513AGFF VI, 3513AGFF10 VI, 3513AGFF23 VI, 3513AGFFSH I, 3513AGFFSH10 I, 3513AGFFSH23 I, 3513AGFFSH II, 3513AGFFSH10 II, 3513AGFFSH23 II, 3513AGFFSH III, 3513AGFFSH10 III, 3513AGFFSH23 III, 3513AGFFSH IV, 3513AGFFSH10 IV, 3513AGFFSH23 IV, 3513AGFFSH V, 3513AGFFSH10 V, 3513AGFFSH23 V, 3513AGFFSH VI, 3513AGFFSH10 VI, 3513AGFFSH23 VI, 3513AGSB I, 3513AG I, 3513AGSB10 I, 3513AG10 I, 3513AGSB23 I, 3513AG23 I, 3513AGSB II, 3513AG II, 3513AGSB10 II, 3513AG10 II, 3513AGSB23 II, 3513AG23 II, 3513AGSB III, 3513AG III, 3513AGSB10 III, 3513AG10 III, 3513AGSB23 III, 3513AG23 III, 3513AGSB IV, 3513AG IV, 3513AGSB10 IV, 3513AG10 IV, 3513AGSB23 IV, 3513AG23 IV, 3513AGSB V, 3513AG V, 3513AGSB10 V, 3513AG10 V, 3513AGSB23 V, 3513AG23 V, 3513AGSB VI, 3513AG VI, 3513AGSB10 VI, 3513AG10 VI, 3513AGSB23 VI, 3513AG23 VI, 3513AGPE I, 3513AGPE10 I, 3513AGPE23 I, 3513AGPE II, 3513AGPE10 II, 3513AGPE23 II, 3513AGPE III, 3513AGPE10 III, 3513AGPE23 III, 3513AGPE IV, 3513AGPE10 IV, 3513AGPE23 IV, 3513AGPE V, 3513AGPE10 V, 3513AGPE23 V, 3513AGPE VI, 3513AGPE10 VI, 3513AGPE23 VI, 3513AGSBSH I, 3513AGSBSH10 I, 3513AGSBSH23 I, 3513AGSBSH II, 3513AGSBSH10 II, 3513AGSBSH23 II, 3513AGSBSH III, 3513AGSBSH10 III, 3513AGSBSH23 III, 3513AGSBSH IV, 3513AGSBSH10 IV, 3513AGSBSH23 IV, 3513AGSBSH V, 3513AGSH V, 3513AGSBSH10 V, 3513AGSBSH23 V, 3513AGSBSH VI, 3513AGSBSH10 VI, 3513AGSBSH23 VI, 3513ATFF I, 3513ATFF10 I, 3513ATFF23 I, 3513ATFF II, 3513ATFF10 II, 3513ATFF23 II, 3513ATFF III, 3513ATFF10 III, 3513ATFF23 III, 3513ATFF IV, 3513ATFF10 IV, 3513ATFF23 IV, 3513ATFF V, 3513ATFF10 V, 3513ATFF23 V, 3513ATFF VI, 3513ATFF10 VI, 3513ATFF23 VI, 3513AT I, 3513AT10 I, 3513AT II, 3513AT10 II, 3513AT III, 3513AT10 III, 3513AT IV, 3513AT10 IV, 3513AT V, 3513AT10 V, 3513AT VI, 3513AT10 VI, 3513AGLY II, 3513AGLY10 II, 3513AGLY23 II, 3513AGLY III, 3513AGLY10 III, 3513AGLY23 III, 3513AGLY IV, 3513AGLY10 IV, 3513AGLY23 IV, 3513AGLY V, 3513AGLY10 V, 3513AGLY23 V, 3513AGLY VI, 3513AGLY10 VI, 3513AGLY23 VI, 3513AGLY I, 3513AGLY10 I, 3513AGLY23 I, 3513AGLYPE I, 3513AGLYPE10 I, 3513AGLYPE23 I, 3513AGLYPE II, 3513AGLYPE10 II, 3513AGLYPE23 II, 3513AGLYPE III, 3513AGLYPE10 III, 3513AGLYPE23 III, 3513AGLYPE IV, 3513AGLYPE10 IV, 3513AGLYPE23 IV, 3513AGLYPE V, 3513AGLYPE10 V, 3513AGLYPE23 V, 3513AGLYPE VI, 3513AGLYPE10 VI, 3513AGLYPE23 VI, 3513AGLYSH I, 3513AGLYSH10 I, 3513AGLYSH23 I, 3513AGLYSH II, 3513AGLYSH10 II, 3513AGLYSH23 II, 3513AGLYSH III, 3513AGLYSH10 III, 3513AGLYSH23 III, 3513AGLYSH IV, 3513AGLYSH10 IV, 3513AGLYSH23 IV, 3513AGLYSH V, 3513AGLYSH10 V, 3513AGLYSH23 V, 3513AGLYSH VI, 3513AGLYSH10 VI, 3513AGLYSH23 VI, 38403, 38404, 38405, 38406, 38407, 38503, 38504, 38505, 38506, 38507, 40601, 40602, 40603, 40604, 40605, 40606, 40607, 40801, 40802, 40803, 40804, 40805, 40806, 40807, 40501, 40502, 40503, 40504, 40505, 40506, 40507, 40701, 40702, 40703, 40704, 40705, 40706, 40707, 40001, 40401, 40002, 40402, 40003, 40403, 40004, 40404, 40005, 40405, 40006, 40406, 40007, 40407, 39901, 40301, 39902, 40302, 39903, 40303, 39904, 40304, 39905, 40305, 39906, 40306, 39907, 40307, 40901, 40902, 40903, 40904, 40905, 40906, 40907, 41001, 41002, 41003, 41004, 41005, 41006, 41007, 504WS3O77/L, 504WS4O77/L, 504WM3O77/L, 504WM4O77/L, 504WL3O77/L, 504WL4O77/L, 504WS3O77/R, 504WS4O77/R, 504WM3O77/R, 504WM4O77/R, 504WL3O77/R, 504WL4O77/R, 504NS1O77, 504TS1O77, 504NS2O77, 504TS2O77, 504NS3O77, 504TS3O77, 504NS4O77, 504TS4O77, 504NM1O77, 504TM1O77, 504NM2O77, 504TM2O77, 504NM3O77, 504TM3O77, 504NM4O77, 504TM4O77, 504NL1O77, 504TL1O77, 504NL2O77, 504TL2O77, 504NL3O77, 504TL3O77, 504NL4O77, 504TL4O77.

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