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Waist High Control Top Closed Toe
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Compression Stockings & Hose - Length - Waist High Control Top Closed Toe

Support Hose Store™ proudly offers the products shown below to meet your compression garments for the leg needs.

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Compression Garments For The Leg For Women And Men

Available at Support Hose Store™ with products with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) from $75.49 to $140.99 and our low prices from $60.39 to $112.79 with our low price guarantee.

Product used for the prevention or treatment of the following conditions: active ulcer management, chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), DVT prevention, DVT prevention while traveling, heavy, fatigued, tired, aching legs or feet, long hours sitting or standing, lymphatic edema, lymphedema, minor ankle, leg or foot swelling, minor spider and varicose veins, minor spider and varicose veins in pregnancy, moderate ankle, leg or foot swelling, moderate to severe varicose veins, moderate to severe varicose veins in pregnancy, orthostatic hypotension, post-fracture swelling, post-phlebitic syndrome, post-sclerotherapy, post-sclerotherapy for large veins, post-surgical swelling, post-thrombotic syndrome recurrence prevention, post-vein stripping, primary venous ulceration treatment, severe swelling, severe varicose veins, superficial throbophlebitis, swelling prevention while traveling, tired, aching legs or feet, varicose vein prevention, venous ulcerations recurrence prevention.

Available Compressions: 15-20 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg, 30-40 mmHg.

Available Styles: waist high with compressive body part closed toe short, waist high with high elastic body part closed toe, waist high with high elastic body part closed toe petite, waist high with high elastic body part closed toe short.

Available Lengths: waist high stockings, hose for women and men with closed toe, compressive body part, high elastic body part in petite, short size scale.

Available Band Options: without silicone band.

Available Sizes: Size I, Size II, Size III, Size IV, Size V.

Available Colors: beige, black, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, noblesse, vanilla.

Please note not all compressions, options, sizes, or colors are available in all styles.


Manufacturers' product numbers: 4410ATFF14 I, 4410ATFF10 I, 4410ATFF14 II, 4410ATFF10 II, 4410ATFF14 III, 4410ATFF10 III, 4410ATFF14 IV, 4410ATFF10 IV, 4410ATFFSH14 I, 4410ATFFSH10 I, 4410ATFFSH14 II, 4410ATFFSH10 II, 4410ATFFSH14 III, 4410ATFFSH10 III, 4410ATFFSH14 IV, 4410ATFFSH10 IV, 4411ATFF14 I, 4411ATFF10 I, 4411ATFF14 II, 4411ATFF10 II, 4411ATFF14 III, 4411ATFF10 III, 4411ATFF14 IV, 4411ATFF10 IV, 4411ATFFSH14 I, 4411ATFFSH10 I, 4411ATFFSH14 II, 4411ATFFSH10 II, 4411ATFFSH14 III, 4411ATFFSH10 III, 4411ATFFSH14 IV, 4411ATFFSH10 IV, 4412ATFF14 I, 4412ATFF10 I, 4412ATFF14 II, 4412ATFF10 II, 4412ATFF14 III, 4412ATFF10 III, 4412ATFF14 IV, 4412ATFF10 IV, 4412ATFFSH14 I, 4412ATFFSH10 I, 4412ATFFSH14 II, 4412ATFFSH10 II, 4412ATFFSH14 III, 4412ATFFSH10 III, 4412ATFFSH14 IV, 4412ATFFSH10 IV, 3512ATFFSH I, 3512ATFFSH10 I, 3512ATFFSH23 I, 3512ATFFSH II, 3512ATFFSH10 II, 3512ATFFSH23 II, 3512ATFFSH III, 3512ATFFSH10 III, 3512ATFFSH23 III, 3512ATFFSH IV, 3512ATFFSH10 IV, 3512ATFFSH23 IV, 3512ATFFSH V, 3512ATFFSH10 V, 3512ATFFSH23 V, 2581AT10 I, 2581AT18 I, 2581AT10 II, 2581AT18 II, 2581AT10 III, 2581AT18 III, 2581AT18 IV, 2581AT18 V, 2581ATPE18 I, 2581ATPE18 II, 2581ATPE18 III, 2581ATPE18 IV, 2581ATPE18 V, 2581ATSH10 I, 2581ATSH18 I, 2581ATSH10 II, 2581ATSH18 II, 2581ATSH10 III, 2581ATSH18 III, 2581ATSH18 IV, 2581ATSH18 V, 2582AT10 I, 2582AT18 I, 2582AT10 II, 2582AT18 II, 2582AT10 III, 2582AT18 III, 2582AT18 IV, 2582AT18 V, 2582ATPE18 I, 2582ATPE18 II, 2582ATPE18 III, 2582ATPE18 IV, 2582ATPE18 V, 2582ATSH10 I, 2582ATSH18 I, 2582ATSH10 II, 2582ATSH18 II, 2582ATSH10 III, 2582ATSH18 III, 2582ATSH18 IV, 2582ATSH18 V, 2100ATFF14 I, 2100ATFF10 I, 2100ATFF53 I, 2100ATFF57 I, 2100ATFF59 I, 2100ATFF14 II, 2100ATFF10 II, 2100ATFF53 II, 2100ATFF57 II, 2100ATFF59 II, 2100ATFF14 III, 2100ATFF10 III, 2100ATFF53 III, 2100ATFF57 III, 2100ATFF59 III, 2100ATFF14 IV, 2100ATFF10 IV, 2100ATFF53 IV, 2100ATFF57 IV, 2100ATFF59 IV, 2100ATFF14 V, 2100ATFF10 V, 2100ATFF53 V, 2100ATFF57 V, 2100ATFF59 V, 2100ATFFSH14 I, 2100ATFFSH10 I, 2100ATFFSH53 I, 2100ATFFSH57 I, 2100ATFFSH59 I, 2100ATFFSH14 II, 2100ATFFSH10 II, 2100ATFFSH53 II, 2100ATFFSH57 II, 2100ATFFSH59 II, 2100ATFFSH14 III, 2100ATFFSH10 III, 2100ATFFSH53 III, 2100ATFFSH57 III, 2100ATFFSH59 III, 2100ATFFSH14 IV, 2100ATFFSH10 IV, 2100ATFFSH53 IV, 2100ATFFSH57 IV, 2100ATFFSH59 IV, 2100ATFFSH14 V, 2100ATFFSH10 V, 2100ATFFSH53 V, 2100ATFFSH57 V, 2100ATFFSH59 V, 2101ATFF14 I, 2101ATFF10 I, 2101ATFF53 I, 2101ATFF57 I, 2101ATFF59 I, 2101ATFF14 II, 2101ATFF10 II, 2101ATFF53 II, 2101ATFF57 II, 2101ATFF59 II, 2101ATFF14 III, 2101ATFF10 III, 2101ATFF53 III, 2101ATFF57 III, 2101ATFF59 III, 2101ATFF14 IV, 2101ATFF10 IV, 2101ATFF53 IV, 2101ATFF57 IV, 2101ATFF59 IV, 2101ATFF14 V, 2101ATFF10 V, 2101ATFF53 V, 2101ATFF57 V, 2101ATFF59 V, 2101ATFFSH14 I, 2101ATFFSH10 I, 2101ATFFSH53 I, 2101ATFFSH57 I, 2101ATFFSH59 I, 2101ATFFSH14 II, 2101ATFFSH10 II, 2101ATFFSH53 II, 2101ATFFSH57 II, 2101ATFFSH59 II, 2101ATFFSH14 III, 2101ATFFSH10 III, 2101ATFFSH53 III, 2101ATFFSH57 III, 2101ATFFSH59 III, 2101ATFFSH14 IV, 2101ATFFSH10 IV, 2101ATFFSH53 IV, 2101ATFFSH57 IV, 2101ATFFSH59 IV, 2101ATFFSH14 V, 2101ATFFSH10 V, 2101ATFFSH53 V, 2101ATFFSH57 V, 2101ATFFSH59 V, 2102ATFF14 I, 2102ATFF10 I, 2102ATFF53 I, 2102ATFF57 I, 2102ATFF59 I, 2102ATFF14 II, 2102ATFF10 II, 2102ATFF53 II, 2102ATFF57 II, 2102ATFF59 II, 2102ATFF14 III, 2102ATFF10 III, 2102ATFF53 III, 2102ATFF57 III, 2102ATFF59 III, 2102ATFF14 IV, 2102ATFF10 IV, 2102ATFF53 IV, 2102ATFF57 IV, 2102ATFF59 IV, 2102ATFF14 V, 2102ATFF10 V, 2102ATFF53 V, 2102ATFF57 V, 2102ATFF59 V, 2102ATFFSH14 I, 2102ATFFSH10 I, 2102ATFFSH53 I, 2102ATFFSH57 I, 2102ATFFSH59 I, 2102ATFFSH14 II, 2102ATFFSH10 II, 2102ATFFSH53 II, 2102ATFFSH57 II, 2102ATFFSH59 II, 2102ATFFSH14 III, 2102ATFFSH10 III, 2102ATFFSH53 III, 2102ATFFSH57 III, 2102ATFFSH59 III, 2102ATFFSH14 IV, 2102ATFFSH10 IV, 2102ATFFSH53 IV, 2102ATFFSH57 IV, 2102ATFFSH59 IV, 2102ATFFSH14 V, 2102ATFFSH10 V, 2102ATFFSH53 V, 2102ATFFSH57 V, 2102ATFFSH59 V, 2001ATFF14 I, 2001ATFF10 I, 2001ATFF14 II, 2001ATFF10 II, 2001ATFF14 III, 2001ATFF10 III, 2001ATFF14 IV, 2001ATFF10 IV, 2001ATFF14 V, 2001ATFF10 V, 2001ATFFSH14 I, 2001ATFFSH10 I, 2001ATFFSH14 II, 2001ATFFSH10 II, 2001ATFFSH14 III, 2001ATFFSH10 III, 2001ATFFSH14 IV, 2001ATFFSH10 IV, 2001ATFFSH14 V, 2001ATFFSH10 V, 2002ATFF14 I, 2002ATFF10 I, 2002ATFF14 II, 2002ATFF10 II, 2002ATFF14 III, 2002ATFF10 III, 2002ATFF14 IV, 2002ATFF10 IV, 2002ATFF14 V, 2002ATFF10 V, 2002ATFFSH14 I, 2002ATFFSH10 I, 2002ATFFSH14 II, 2002ATFFSH10 II, 2002ATFFSH14 III, 2002ATFFSH10 III, 2002ATFFSH14 IV, 2002ATFFSH10 IV, 2002ATFFSH14 V, 2002ATFFSH10 V.

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