Diabetic SkinCare Co, Biodetic, Foot Care Cream

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Diabetic SkinCare Co, Biodetic for Women and Men

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  • 85g Jar

The biodetic® Foot Care Cream is your solution for dry, cracked feet that may be the result of diabetes. It provides a combination of soothing and softening ingredients without the greasiness. It replenishes the natural moisture in feet by covering them with a special mixture of waxes, oils, glycerin and distilled water. This nourishing foot cream contains no petroleum bases, urea, alcohol, lanolin (wool fat), paraffin or natural waxes (i.e. beeswax). It comes unscented so you won't have to worry about skin irritants. Simply apply one to two times a day for smooth, healthy feet. biodetic® foot cream is an excellent solution to healing dry, cracked feet due to cold weather and general roughness, but is ideal for those who suffer from diabetes. With its unique combination of oils, waxes, glycerin and water, you'll be getting a quality product that has been specially tailored to suit the needs of dry skin sufferers. Just a note from one of our customers: "I have used biodetic® cream from the day you first advertised it. I am allergic to virtually every cream that is on the market. Within days of using biodetic® cream my legs cleared up and my skin looked more normal. Where I live, we lack humidity; your cream however has kept my skin moist. I have given away 2 jars to people with similar problems, one is my daughter the other is a friend, and both enjoy the product. A great product. Thanks a lot. Tony".

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